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Tips for Designing High Converting Landing Pages

Are you looking for tips that can enable you to design high-converting landing pages? If so, then you’ve come the right place. In this brief article, different techniques and strategies will be discussed that a software development company can inculcate to ensure that its landing page augments conversion rates, either in the form of increased clicks or improved sales.

Before we delve into the technical part, let’s understand what purpose a landing page serves. It is a dedicated online page which either enables the company to generate leads or increase the number of clicks, making web design services an essential part of the marketing strategy.

Without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Removing Distractions

To explain this concept, let’s consider a camera lens which can enable the photographer to focus on any desired points. The photograph taken will be a perfect depiction of what elements the photographer deemed important and considered worth showing to his audiences.

It is imperative for web design service providers to ensure that the landing pages are not distorted with abundance of information, the white spaces must be smartly utilized with the eventual goal of engaging the viewer.

Navigation bars are often considered to be superfluous additions to otherwise attractive landing pages, these bars not only act as visual impediments that fail to garner adequate visitor’s attention but also become a cause of redirection to other tabs.

By removing these bars, the webpages can become perfectly usable with minimal clutter.

A software development company certainly cannot take any risks or chances, the user is always at the verge of switching tabs on the browser, and one certainly doesn’t want to dissuade a potential consumer.

2. Determining the User Pathway

It is undeniable that software development companies are lured into the notion that more information will grasp more user attention. The fact is consumers want complex details spoon-fed to them in simple charts, diagrams, and videos. There is a science that works behind the placement of text and pictorial elements on the webpage, successful landing pages are those that succeed in striking the perfect balance between text, pictures, and empty white spaces.

Between 2017 and 2018, Google made myriads of changes to its ‘Google Home’ webpage to ensure that the user eye travels in a distinct “G” motion when they look at the elements of the landing page. The whitespace was essential to the aesthetics.

Web design service trends of this year will dictate designers to not only toggle with constituents that are visible on the screen, but also play with the subconscious parts of the human brain for producing subliminal messages – or more precisely ‘brand reminders’.

3. Structure to Avoid Mayhem

There are two parts to the structure formation concept, firstly the text must be minimal even when it has been induced into graphical elements, secondly, a logical structure must follow when disseminating information.

Short bullets are tempting to online users who dislike the existence of paragraphs, these bullets need to be clear, concise, concrete, and complete.

The headline of the article must be capable of compelling the user to read more and scroll downwards. The headline must also encapsulate the gist of the entire landing page in a terse manner, without missing out on fundamental information.

With a broad heading placed as the first point of interaction with the user on the landing page, the information presented below must be organized and succinct. Information overload is simply an invitation to failure.

4. Page Load Time

The longer the landing page takes to load, the higher will be the probability of user’s departure from the site.

Disappointing a web visitor with slow loading time can have lasting repercussions, not only will the user be reluctant to revisit the website in the future, but the negative word of mouth communication that will follow might also exacerbate the damage. According to Kissmetrics, a one-second delay in loading the site can reduce conversions by 7%.

Web design services emphasize heavily on the loading time, focusing on the ideal duration of 2 to 3 seconds within which, the landing page must present itself. The priority is message, it must not be compromised at the cost of heavy images or large videos.

5. Brand Perception

In this age of consumerism, it would be impractical to rely on one landing page, or a single platform to boost sales or achieve other strategic goals. It is imperative to have a diverse presence at multiple avenues so that consumers can assimilate the brand information subconsciously from one of the channels.

A brand can increase its credibility and equity amongst its potential consumers by featuring itself on other sites and publications that shape consumer perceptions and influence their consideration pools of commodities. If a brand is featured on another site, the business can use the badges and logos on its landing page to improve brand affinity and instill confidence amongst the users.

This task of integration is significant for web design services as it creates an ecosystem which reinforces strong value propositions of the businesses associated, and at the same time, consumers feel comfortable in an arena where several brands are involved.

6. First Impression is the Only Opportunity

We all are familiar with the adage, first impression is the last impression, but internet redefines the duration of that first impression that a brand has to capture user’s attention with its landing page.

Once the web visitor has reached the landing page, the software development company has a brief window of 10 to 15 seconds to lure the user with its contents and aesthetics before they close the tab or redirect to other sites.

What does this imply? This definitely tells us about how demanding the user has become in this age of seamless connectivity where search engines can generate billions of online resources in a blink of an eye. On the side note, this also tells us that the content on the website must be compelling enough for the user to stay, explore more, and eventually make the purchasing decision.

The intricacies pertinent to optimizing a landing page will continue to get complex in 2019, and this makes the role of web design services significant in bolstering business strategies.

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